Lightbulb Academy exists as a resource bank of information and materials to aid in the furtherance of Mind, Body, Spirit study.

What you will find here is an ever expanding library of ebooks, MP3 sound tracks, guided meditations, videos and much more, all aimed at assisting personal development and growth and healing through the acquisition of knowledge and awareness.

Conveniently categorised into easy to navigate sections, Lightbulb Academy offers information on dozens of areas of interest to the Mind, Body, Spirit student, including: Diet & Nutrition, Yoga, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Therapy, Psychic Development, Tarot and Angel Card reading, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy and Beauty Therapy and so much more…. Simply browse the categories within each section to confirm the great products for yourself.

The materials available at Lightbulb Academy have been created by many different authors and contributors from around the world, each bringing their expertise and unique gift to the table.

How does Lightbulb Academy work?

As you look through the product pages, you will see that all of the resources are available for individual purchase. This means that, if you are just searching for help on a particular subject, then you can easily limit your search and purchase to this area. For example, it’s easy to purchase and download an ebook on maximising fat burning or attracting the ideal life partner, if that is all you are looking for. However, Lightbulb Academy is jam packed with goodies across a broad spectrum of subjects, so it is best value when you purchase a subscription.

How do I subscribe to Lightbulb Academy?

Subscribing couldn’t be easier! Just click on the link Annual Subscription and add an annual unlimited subscription to the cart, then pay and instantly get access to ALL of the materials available on Lightbulb Academy. That’s the unbelievable value package providing limitless downloads for a whole year!

Many students initially come to the Lightbulb Academy for easy to follow information related to a particular area of study. Maybe they are taking a reiki class and want to “fill in the gaps” on what they covered in their workshops or perhaps they are completing case studies for a reflexology qualification in college and need additional help with some aspect of their studies- Lightbulb Academy takes the work out of trawling through the internet for hours and can pay for itself just with the download of 2 or 3 ebooks.

Of course, students soon discover that having this great library of material available at their finger tips means that soon they are expanding their studies way beyond one subject and begin downloading meditations to help them prepare for exams, to aid sleep or even a hypnotherapy track with subliminal programming to enhance vitality and energy; the possibilities are vast when you subscribe!