///Take Control of Your Life Package
  • Take Control of Your Life Package

Take Control of Your Life Package


Do you feel like your life just happens to you and that you are powerless to stop it? Have you got dreams about your future that it seems certain you will never make happen? Do you always seem to be bossed around by others, be it at home , work or even by your friends?

Take the first step to being in full control of your own destiny with this powerful hypnosis series and never look back.

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Product Description


This package includes the following products:

  1. How to Set Holistic Growth Goals Ebook
  2. Become More Decisive Now Hypnosis Track
  3. Fulfill Your Dreams Hypnosis Track
  4. Life Control Success Guide Audio Book
  5. Powerful You Audio Book
  6. Halt Procrastination Hypnosis Track


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